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We are a 501(c)3 non profit charity started and managed by high-school students

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Tags donated since April 2023





 To create and provide free temporary pet ID tags for dogs and cats awaiting adoption.


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Why are pet ID tags important?

  Newly fostered or newly adopted pets may be shy, fearful, or stressed due to the changes in their lives, they are considered “high flight risk”. They go missing at a higher frequency from either their new owners or foster families compared to pets established in their homes.

  A pet tag indicates that the animal is lost rather than being a stray so, people are more likely to approach and help a tagged animal

  Pet ID tags are the fastest way to get a pet home, it is quick for someone to call the phone number on the ID tag. Microchips require readers that are found at vet offices or shelters.

Our Impact

7,750 Tags 21 States 65 Organizations

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